Sex ed test online

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We'll talk about abortion, and, finally, we'll talk about how decisions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy are We wish we could say we're ending on a high note, but there's one more thing that needs discussing before we call it quits on our Sex Ed course…and it ain't pretty.But the fact is, sexual violence is a big, big problem in our world.Good thing Shmoop's here to point the basics out to you.Sex has a reputation for being steamy, secretive, and even a little silly, but we at Shmoop think it's important that people are totally aware of what they're getting into before (or even after) they become sexually active.We'll talk about the scientific facts surrounding pregnancy, and what it's like for women who get pregnant.

It's true—we haven't yet discussed the big and it's high time we did.

Uh, JK about that "sexual awakening" thing, though. We'll cover everything from discrimination in the LGBTQ community to how to prevent yourself from itching in places you don't want to be itching.

We'll talk about what makes something illicit or taboo, and how the definition of "sex" is ever-evolving. We'll start off Sex Ed with a modest-but-informative unit about puberty.

But since we're not cavemen anymore, we do it for a great many more reasons, and some get as complicated as money and media.

(Go figure.)With the basic body function and hormonal drive to have sex the push by society and media, we think it's pretty darn important that you understand what it is and why we do it. We'll give you the basics to clear up any confusion you might have about sex, and we'll keep things as factual and un-embarrassing as possible.

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