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But now that he’s got that body, he’s got the chance to make up for lost time, right? Sure, now that he has his post-serum bod and the prestige of being, y’know, has the personality he did when he was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn who was busy trying to defraud the US government.His body may not have been spectacular, but you couldn’t deny his heart, spirit or brains. But while he may have been a grunt, he didn’t define himself by his physicality.Ignoring the shipping aspect in every way but blood and Steve doesn’t give two shits how it might come across.Ironically, it’s the fact that Cap’s a man out of time that allows for him to have this tight connection with his childhood friend – in the 1920s and 30s the idea of men having a close, even intimate relationship wasn’t seen as a sign that one or both of them might be queer.It’s that moral clarity that makes Rogers, even when he’s a scrawny weakling, so compelling.When he’s given what many people would see as the dream – a body that’s literally the peak of human performance – he maintains that moral stance.In fact, it’s pretty significant that Cap’s’ signature weapon is a shield the fight, attempting to disarm the both of them rather than attacking directly.

But it’s not Steve’s restraint or resistance to violence that makes him an example of positive masculinity. In fact, we know how much sexual experience Steve’s had. It’s almost as though his sexual experience has absolutely nothing to do with his masculinity… and that’s something that’s been part of his personality since the beginning.In fact, the overall arc of Steve’s relationship with Bucky is one that is frequently reserved for romantic partners.But as much as Tumblr may lurve #Stucky, it actually ends up making the same mistake that isolates so many men: it conflates emotional intimacy with romance and becomes part of why so many men are starved for an emotional connection with others.It often ties into a belief that previous generations had it right and that ours has lost its way, as well as providing comfortable, distinct sign posts and guides for behavior.Ironically enough, however, this man from the past is a beacon for being a man For a man born in the 20s and raised in the 30s, Rogers is actually an excellent example of what non-toxic masculinity in the modern day.

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