Modrobes online dating

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I would own this but I can't bear to buy it knowing how quickly the clock ticks down.

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The magnolia in this scent is so lovely but it's still so much an orange blossom scent.

It might be more suited to a younger lady, now I just find it average. Supposedly this scent even won the 1999 award for this scent. But it does not stir up in me some fantastic emotions this scent, I will not remember exactly, it is not impressive.

Longevity it's not at its best also, 2-3 hours at most, even on clothes. I'm sure very little of the population would miss it. And after a while is warm, sweeter in the company of freesia. Interesting adventure, because as I wore Happy 2 days ago I did not feel anything on the skin. Have tried to buy this again a couple of times recently and both times it was off.

The fruitiness is suited to summer parties or casual wear in the summer.

Feminine for sure but it can be unisex because the citruses and grapefruit are found in men's colognes.

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